• Iran is one of the biggest producers of Honey in the world, of course like any other countries in the globe, not all the productions are Pure and natural Honey, there are different types on Honey available in the market as follows:
  • 1- 100% fake honey, bee has no involvement in its production
  • 2- half fake Honey and natural Honey, bees are fed with sugar by beekeepers
  • 3- Pure Honey, bees have collected nectar of plants and turned it to Honey, so no feeding or additives & flavouring, Pure Honey is the only Honey has unique medicinal and therapeutic properties.
  • Honey labels might use words like Raw, Pure, Organic and Unfiltered, but you may be left asking what exactly the difference is? In many cases Honey can be more than one of these things, but they each mean something different.
  • We explain to you what each one means so you can choose the best one to your needs.
  • Pure Honey label means that you are getting 100% Honey, without any other ingredients such as syrup, sugar or added artificial & natural flavouring, simply only the Honey direct from beehives and no sugar feeding by beekeepers.
  • Raw Honey vs Pure Honey
  • The difference between Raw Honey and Pure Honey is that in addition to being Pure, “Raw” Honey has not been heated to the point of pasteurization (no higher than 118°F). The benefit of not heating honey is that the naturally-occurring enzymes, vitamins and minerals are preserved and you get the full benefits of them from eating Raw Honey.
  • Organic Honey vs Pure Honey
  • Organic honey is produced from the pollen of organically grown plants, and without chemical miticides to treat the bees, bees usually fly up to 2 miles from the hive looking for flowers, which means that all the flowers within this 2-mile radius must be certified organic in order for the Honey to truly be Organic, so Honey labelled Organic is 100% Pure, but not all the Pure Honeys are Organic.
  • This would be difficult to control, but an Organic certification is a good way you can be sure the apiary is taking care to ensure it. It’s also important to remember that honey labelled “Organic” is not necessarily raw or minimally processed unless labelled as such.
  • You can Buying Pure Honey from Iran in both Raw and Regular form, for more info please visitNebka kandoo. website at:
  • Nebka honey is committed to produce the highest quality of only Pure Honey.
  • If you consider to buy Pure Raw and Regular Honey from Iran, we produce four types of mono flora and multiflora Honeys, our mono flora Honeys are Orange Bloosem, Saffron, Milkvetch  and Black seed, and Multiflora Honeys are Multiflower and Natural Honey.
  • Here in Nebka Honey we believe there is more to Honey, each individual Honey is unique in taste, colour aroma and flavour.
  • The flavour within each Honey are unique and down to the plants species those clever little bees collect nectar from, we do not add any artificial flavouring, its simply Pure and natural Honey.
  • A great variety of Pure Honey from Iran is available on our website, please visit www.nebka
  • Buying Pure Honey from Iran would require to know the estimation of Iranian honey price for foreign customers, to have better understanding for everyone about Iranian honey price and the factors involved in the pricing, please see below:
  •  Better understanding of Iranian Pure Honey price
  • Buying Pure Honey from Iran should be divided to two different sections, bulk Pure Honey and pre-pack Pure Honey.
  • What is Pure Iranian Natural Honey?
  • Pure Natural Iranian honey refers to low sucrose Honey, that means during process of Honey making, beekeepers shall not feed bees by regular sugar.
  • We at NEKA Honey Co. only produce and export Pure Honey from Iran, no additive or flavouring, only Pure Honey direct from beehives, you can buy raw or regular Pure Honey from Iran by visiting:
  • Export pure Iranian Honey is supported by Iranian government and there are different requirements in order to make sure Pure Natural Honey exported to the other countries.
  • Most of Iran’s honey is exported to Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Oman, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia, Azerbaijan, Qatar. Due to its high quality, honey is demanded by many neighbouring countries.
  • The main Buyers for Pure Honey from Iran are neighbours such as Iraq and Pakistan, the littoral states of the Persian Gulf and the Eurasian countries.
  • Nebka Honey products are available for supply both in Iran and worldwide. We supply Pure Honey in large and small quantities to international retailers, distributors and wholesalers.
  • We look forward to the opportunity of working with you and being able to offer you premium Iranian Honey that is responsibly sourced and beautifully packaged.
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